DigitalTown owns more than 100,000 New gTLD domains


DigitalTown, Inc. (OTC:DGTW) provided a condensed update on the status of the SmartWeb initiative and the start of Blockchain tokenization of the Company’s domain name portfolio.

From the update you can see below it seems that DigitalTown owns a little over 100,000 New gTLD domain names:

13,742 .CITY domains
3,441 .LAW domains
5,464 .FASHION domains
5,699 .FIT domains
5,830 .WEDDING domains
13,713 .WORK domains
2,000 .BAYERN domains
16,978 .BOSTON domains
27,465 .LONDON domains
5,494 .MIAMI domains
1,000 .NRW domains
(100,826 domains in total)

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