Difference between an SSL certificate and a Wildcard SSL certificate


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SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer which is responsible for creating a secure, encrypted link between a dedicated server and a browser; if you are having SSL certificate for your eCommerce site then all financial transaction would be done very securely and will prevent hacking of your credit card details which you may use while online purchasing.

you have 2 different types of SSL certificates… normal SSL and Wildcard SSL certificate. An normal SSL certificate secures a single domain name where as if you have a Wildcard SSL certificate then you can secures multiple sub-domains of a single domain name and thus can save cost.

When using Wildcard SSL and trying to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for a your Wildcard certificate, you need to add an asterisk (*) to the left of the domain name so that it can used with all sub-domains. (e.g., “*.domainname[dot]com” would work for www[dot]domainname[dot]com or secure[dot]domainname[dot]com or “www*[dot]domainname[dot]com” if you wanted www1[dot]domainname[dot]com or www2[dot]domainname[dot]com). Thus you can secures all sub-domains for your main domain. Thus you can consider a Wildcard SSL Certificate which will secures your main domain as well as all of its sub-domains.

The Wildcard SSL Certificate works very similar to a regular SSL certificate, it also undergoes the same validation processes, and is available as either an SSL or a Deluxe certificate. The major difference between normal and Wildcard SSL Certificate is that it can be used with all sub-domains of your main domain, though Wildcard SSL is more expensive as compare to normal SSL but its always worth for paying extra amount if you are getting freedom for using SSL for your subdomains.


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nice article. just to know, how much encryption is supported in wc ssl and which all servers support this?
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