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The domains mentioned below are listed in a pending UDRP case:


All three domains are owned by the same registrant (and were only obtained recently).

I just can't figure out what case a complainant might have in trying to claim these dictionary word domains. Anyone else? As far as I can tell, these aren't trademarked terms.


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in a blog it mentioned abt domain owner changes 3-4 changes so may be original owner trying to see the hijacker responnses if the domain is stolen


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@chandan, yes the domains turned out to be stolen and later sold to the respondent.

As you can see from the decision, the complainant failed to win back the domains via the National Arbitration Forum as that's not really the right channel for him to use to get back his stolen domains.

Given the generic nature of the second level domains, “recent,†“they†and “that,†the mere acquisition by Complainant of the disputed domain names cannot possibly give rise to trademark rights in RECENT.NET, THEY.NET or THAT.NET. Nor can intent to use give rise to trademark rights.

I assume the complainant needs to seek remedy via a court of law.
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