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[FONT=&quot]Desi Networks, LLC announced that the new generic top-leveldomain name .DESI has hit General Availability yesterday, October 6th, 9 am UDT.[/FONT] [FONT=&quot]At thetime of writing this article, 324 .Desi domain names have been registered.

The announcement that was made:

“desi” relates to the people of the Indian Subcontinent and its globaldiaspora, through a common connection based on geography, culture, values, andbeliefs. .DESI stands out amongst other gTLDs because of its focus on servingthe South Asian community. No other domain appeals to such a vast audience ofnearly 1.7 billion people.
A .desi domain is suited for anyone with an affinity for desi culture andlifestyle. Both individuals and commercial entities will find benefit in havinga .desi domain. It provides a platform for businesses to establish their webpresence and provide goods and services to the desi community, globally orlocally. It is for proud desi youth and young professionals wanting to embracetheir desi identity through a .desi website or email address.
The timing is right for a new idea like the .desi domain. There is a tremendousamount of growth projected in online retail in the Indian Subcontinent over thenext few years. Additionally, around the world there is a cultural renaissancesurrounding all things desi. When considering these factors getting a .desidomain makes an ideal choice.

For registering your .DESI domains, you may visit registry.desi[/FONT]


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