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Staff member posted an article on the status of how things are doing so far with the Dot Nyc extension. The article went on to say there were two ways to measure the success of an extension. The standard way of success using metric and statistical data, and the other was to look at how it affected the community.

As of February 22, the city’s contractor reported 72,103 names sold with sales at a rate of about 90 registrations per day.
Of those, 74.27% or 52,672 were “parked.” A parked domain is one purchased but without any meaningful content. Names purchased for speculative purposes might be parked. And with .nyc being a new TLD, many are surely parked while under development.

That 74% of parked domains has been inching down over the months. For comparison .Berlin has 73% parked, .london 36%, .paris 48%, and .tokyo 55%.

Doing some subtraction (72,103 – 52,672) one might conclude that 19,431 .nyc domain names are providing some level of content.

A February 21 Google search using the “” command revealed only 458 websites. (Google reported a total of 940 finds, a number consisting of both primary names and their duplicates)

We linked into the first 100 of those 458 “” citations and found 40% used the .nyc domain name to present content. The other 60% merely linked to a .com or .org site.
In addition to these 72,103 sold names, 21,000 names have been created but not allocated.

The complete article may be found on ConnectingNYC


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