.Co co-founder predicts healthy results for .Health domain name



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Jose Rasco is applying his experience with .co to .health3

There was a lot of euphoria a few years ago when the rights to new top level domains were being auctioned. Companies paid millions of dollars (and in many cases tens of millions) to acquire individual strings. One thing that I noticed during the auctions was one of the companies that consistently lost the auctions.

Between Nu Dot Co, LLC and STRAAT Health, LLC, Jose Rasco and Juan Diego Calle applied for 14 top level domain names. Yet they consistently lost bidding wars for the domains. They won only two, and one of them is for a domain it plans to sign over to Verisign. That means that, out of 14 domains, they will only run one: .Health.

Rasco and Calle have a lot of experience running a top level domain name. They were co-founders of the .co domain name relaunch in 2010 and successfully grew the domain before selling it to Neustar for over $100 million. This experience helped guide them through the auction process.

“Having run .co, we have a good idea what top level domains are worth,” Rasco explained to Domain Name Wire. “We weren’t going to pay more than a domain was worth.”



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