Do you think it is a nice domain ? Please appraise


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Hello friends of this forum, :D

This is my first post here being registered today and i find members active and nice.
I have this domain
Now how much value do you think this domain is worth ?
As cloud computing is a thing of the future, is my domain okay ?

Please appraise. Thanks.


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Hello ritwick and welcome to!

I think is a good cloud domain.

I know there's a real craze in .com cloud domains right now, but I'm not sure whether that extends to .in domains.


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Hm..Thats true Jeff .. I still believes that will continue in India also in the days to come.
Cloud Computing is the future for all.

I have few friends of mine who are working as network admins in the Cloud Computing platform. They too conforms this fact... Lets hope for the best...
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