Chinese domain market sales : Alibaba stock holder sells billions


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In recent years, China‘s financial markets have become the new Wild West East where fortunes are made, or one’s own shirt is lost.

Just a year ago, the loss of $5 trillion dollars in stock valuation was China’s largest stock market bubble burst.

Recently, SoftBank Group Corp, the largest investor in Alibaba Group, sold off $8.9 billion dollars‘ worth of shares, as part of a major fundraising effort. The Alibaba group has been under SEC investigation, according to reports.

But the crafty Chinese investors moved onto other commodities, such as Bitcoin and even domains, treating the latter as vessels of untaxable money as opposed to long term investments.

According to Sedo, 54% of all new gTLDs are managed by Chinese domain investors. The upselling hype, combined with specially low pricing at below cost, have created millions of new domain registrations.

The practice is reminiscent of penny stocks, where money is made in short term trading and small fluctuations of value.

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Those Chinese investors really did a smart move there with putting the money's bulk into Bitcoin and domains to diminish loses in paying taxes. No wonder thousands of them register millions of domains in order to give chinese government taxation a proverbial middle finger.


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