China's Global Digital Summit Returns to Xiamen

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    China's Global Digital Summit Returns to Xiamen May 31-June 1 for 2019 Event at the Swiss Hotel

    The 2018 edition of China's Global Digital Summit at the Swiss Hotel inXiamen was so well received show organizers decided to stage the upcoming 2019 conference at the same venue. This year's event, that will again attract Internet business leaders from around the world, will run Friday May 31 and Saturday June 1. It will be co-hosted by Badidu AI Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Bizcn, GoDaddyand several other well-known companies.

    While the domain industry has been a centerpiece of GDS from the start, many other topics are covered as well, including blockchain technology applications, new media marketing, cross-border integration and innovation of digital assets, digital media and digital ecology. Here are some more specific examples of sessions on the agenda:

    Domain-related topics:

    • Current Situation and Trend of Global Domain Names

    • Opportunities and Challenges for the Development of Domain Name Industry under the Intervention and Support of National Policy

    • Diversified Development of Domain Name Transactions

    • How Domain Names Help Chinese Enterprises Develop Cross-Border E-Commerce Business
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