China denies any involvement in Cyber Attack on


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China has denied involvement in a cyberattack on, which manages more than 2 million domain names worldwide, Reuters reported. The crazy thing is that the hackers were in’s system for over a year.

The Financial Times reported earlier this week that the FBI was investigating possible Chinese military involvement in the digital hit, which could give hackers back-end access to a wide swath of websites. From there, infiltrators could redirect Internet traffic and crash websites, in addition to stealing data.

“The relevant criticism that China's military participated in Internet hacking is to play the same old tune, and is totally baseless,” China’s Defense Ministry said in a fax to Reuters.
Apparently hackers had been in’s system for more than a year without stealing any client data, fueling speculation that the digital attack was state-sponsored espionage, not a money-making scheme.

The complete article was published on TheHill


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