Changes to China’s domain name system

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    The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China recently announced a structural change to the country’s domain name system. Here we are offering a quick translation and explanation of the announcement. Please rest assured that it doesn’t affect how domain names are functioning as of now. Instead, it brings about some rather interesting additions.

    1. Domain names of various levels should consist of the English alphabet (a – z and A – Z, case-insensitive), numerals (0 – 9), dash, and Chinese characters. Connect levels of domain names with the English period (called the “solid dot”). In the case of domain names of Chinese characters, connect with the Chinese period (。).
    2. .CN and .中国 aside, other top level domains (TLDs) are functional in China as well. [As a matter of course.]
    3. Here comes the interesting bit. Under .CN and .中国, China’s ccTLD (in English and Chinese respectively), there are now officially established second level domains (2LDs) available to registrants. 2LDs under .CN and .中国 come in two broad categories: “Category 2LDs”, and “Geographic 2LDs”.
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