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    Despite the summer months, we’re seeing some pretty solid brandable domain name sales. We have four domain names grossing five-figures this week with leading the chart with a $30,000 sales price. Some other notable sales include which sold for $11,600 on reseller platform The domain name was first registered back in 1994 and recently expired at Network Solutions. There are quite a few businesses for which this domain name could be a nice upgrade but they all seem to be in the small business category such as a coffee shop, a game shop or an indy clothing store and not very likely to spend five-figures on a domain name imo.

    Domain Name - Price - Marketplace $30,000 Sedo $15,000 Sedo $11,600 NameJet $10,000 Sedo $9,388 DomainMarket $8,000 Sedo $7,410 Sedo $7,000 Sedo $5,900 Sedo $5,601 Sedo $5,088 NameJet $5,000 Sedo $4,300 NameJet $4,255 NameJet $4,106 DropCatch $3,499 Sedo $3,600 NameJet $3,400 BuyDomains $3,400 Sedo $3,100 NameJet