Bodis vs Sedo Rev.


I noticed some of people using their .IN/.Co.In domain parking at Bodis. I wonder is this service better than Sedo in term of Rev. earning?
I am using sedo not bodis my observation with Sedo is not that good, they are paying mostly 0.01 $ CPC for most of my in domains.

Mee too, Certainly interested to know about bodis compare to sedo.
cfguru from Bodis says they display only the best paid ads instead some random ones. From my observations their average CPC is usually higher compared to other parking I use (NameDrive) and it varies around 0.05 - 0.07$ depending on a day. It was even a bit better when they had custom keywords which are currently unavailable but they are going back in the next service update. You can still set up to 3 master keywords for each domain which is also fine.

Bodis also recently has changed something for banned domains by Google AdSense and their secondary feed is much better now. I have one banned domain with many clicks each day and its CPC was always 0.01$ and now it raised to to 0.05 - 0.07$.

There are still some domains with better revenue on ND but I have currently set most of my earning domains to Bodis.

As for Sedo parking, I heard Sedo Pro offers some good conversion but it's available only to people with 1000+ domains or big traffic.
I'll try to move some top domains over Bodis soon and see the action of it. I wonder does Bodis pay out on schedule?
I got a Bodis account a few months ago,but didn't use it too actively,but recently, i added some decent, traffic .in names to it, and used to triage between Bodis,ND,parked and sedo and to my surprise, Bodis is actually performing. THe CTR and CPC are averaging out higher than Parked. It was easy to setup the domains in Bodis too! I would advise people to give Bodis a shot...its easy and its seems to turn horrible CTR to at least acceptable CTR.
how much for sedo premium membership ? anybody please post here..& i also
asking one more questions what is best parking place..sedo or bodi?
Bodis has better CPC for indian traffic than parked. Plus they auto-optimize your parked pages and get clicks on them! sedo needs to redo its templates and NameDrive has great templates if you have a good keyword-category match.
I have not received any payment from sedo for several years, though I get some traffic for the domains daily.


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