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( IMAGE / TABLE CREDIT: Jones Lang LaSalle )

6 Indian Cities in the GLOBAL TOP 30 >>

(1) Bangalore

(5) Hyderabad

(13) Pune

(18) Chennai

(23) Delhi

(25) Mumbai

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Technology and Innovation Drive the World’s Most Dynamic Cities

16 January, 2017

Asian and U.S. cities dominate JLL’s Global City Momentum Index

CHICAGO AND LONDON, Jan. 16, 2017 – The cities in JLL's (NYSE:JLL) fourth annual City Momentum Index (CMI) of the world's most dynamic cities share the ability to embrace technological change, absorb rapid population growth and strengthen global connectivity. Cities in India, China and Vietnam, along with several in the U.S., head the list of the world's fastest changing cities.


Highlights of the CMI Top 30 include:

* Asia Pacific cities comprise half of the top 30 fastest-changing cities. India has taken over from China as home to some of the world's most dynamic cities. Six Indian cities feature in the CMI Global Top 30, with the country's primary technology hub, Bangalore (1), moving into the top spot for the first time.

* 'Established World Cities' [1] integrate technology into their existing economies and leverage their established strengths to draw top talent. These cities include London (6), New York (14), Paris (17) and Los Angeles (27). While London has fallen from the top spot (a position it held for the past two years), it has remained remarkably resilient following the Brexit vote, retaining a top 10 ranking.

* High-tech excellence helped push 'New World Cities' [2] further up the Top 30. These cities, which include Silicon Valley (3), Austin (7), Boston (9), Seattle (20), San Francisco (21) and Raleigh-Durham (24) in the U.S.; Melbourne (12) and Sydney (16) in Australia; and Dublin (28) and Stockholm (30) in Europe, are supported by robust infrastructure, a favorable quality of life and transparent business practices, which boost momentum and real estate market activity.


[1] 'Established World Cities' are the world's most highly globalized and competitive economies with the deepest and most settled concentrations of companies, capital and talent.

[2] 'New World Cities' are small to mid-sized cities (typically 1-5 million population) that have robust infrastructure and attractive liveability platforms and deliberately focus on a limited number of global specialisms.



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