Are you an early riser or a night owl?


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Reading through some of the life stories of successful Entrepreneurs, I found that most of them prefer to wake up early.

Here is an article about the Virgin Group owner Richard Branson, who is a morning person.

I have always been a "night owl" working late at night and getting up late.
Do you think getting up early is more productive? I never had that experience to wake up and start my day early.


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I prefer to be a night owl, but do find getting up early in the morning works a lot better, so I've trained myself to do that.


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Get up around 5am most mornings.

Have usually played 18 holes of golf by 9- 9.30am. 3-4 days a week.

Whole day to do other things.

Saturday/Sunday usually lay in till 5.30 -6am. ;)


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Thanks everyone. Will try to develop the habit. I think it is more productive in the morning. Gonna give it a try soon!
It will be more productive in business as well, I think.
Any tips friends?
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