APP Developer STARTUP Hub Launched in Bangalore | 'MOBILE10X' Founding Partners incl: GOOGLE / PayTM


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Founding Partners of the 'MOBILE10X' initiative include >>

GOOGLE / PayTM / IAMAI / The Karnataka State Gov. >> "“The hub will have a testing lab, design lab, co-working space, play zone and monetization zone,” according to Inc42."

IAMAI ('The Internet And Mobile Association of India') - under the'Mobile10X' initiative >>

..."will set up five mobile startup hubs over the next five years in cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Pune and Mumbai.”

The 'GOK-Mobile 10X Start-up Hub' >>

...“will incorporate all the resources and tools that an app developer requires to convert his idea into a world class app.”

Will provide App STARTUPS "tools specific to their needs for the entire cycle of app development,” reports Inc42.


'MOBILE10X' em >>

------------- excerpts:

IAMAI Launches Support Facility for Startups, App Developers in India

• Mobile Publishers & Developers

by Scott Parkhouse - January 12, 2016

The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) has just launched a support facility for Indian app developers called “GOK-Mobile 10X Start-up Hub.”



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The Full Article >>

'MAW' home >>

'Mobile10X' official >>

IAMAI official >>

Inc42 >>


'MOBILE10X' em >> ]
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