Alternate mobile site or whole site mobile-friendly?


Which approach do you take? Some sites code their entire site to be mobile-friendly which means sacrificing some of the more advanced featrues of the web and having a rather plain layout in many cases. Others have alternate systems that reskin the site to be mobile-friendly, removing the features mobiles don't support. It takes more work, but it allows a better experience on desktop and mobile.

Unless it is a site with special requirements, I take the cheap option and just make the basic site mobile-friendly. So which do you do?
I would prefer developing a mobile friendly version, because when users try to access any desktop site on their smart phone, the contents of the site will be poorly visible and the user must zoom out each content of the site in order to get a clear view, some of the desktop features like dropdown menu may not work on smartphone. This kind of interface is obviously not preferred by people. While in case of Mobile versions the entire webpage is redesigned so that the web page fits into the small device ultimately providing the mobile user a completely different browsing experience. Now if it were you, which of the above two options would you prefer.

In recent days the number of mobile internet users are constantly increasing, so we must consider improving the mobile view of you site because most mobile users are likely to Bounce off the desktop version.


I am the type of user who likes straight-forward content with the least data requirement. I would probably prompt for the simple-but-light-and-fast design for mobile platform because such people are usually pressed for time and need to be able to find content relatively fast. I would rather use the time and effort to build content than a complicated mobile system.


Isn't that work mostly done for you by the theme that you choose? Maybe I'm wrong, but that is something that I've never given much thought because I know my theme is responsive to all devices.


I think SEO wise, google treats the mobile friendly sites more. And that means you can consider using the mobile version for entire site. And that should give you enough SEO benefits from it. I don't think it'd matter if you create another site for mobile users. But it adds no special value in such case. So make sure you make entire site mobile friendly.


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