Advice Needed. Generic word is a trademark - What should I do now


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Let's say '' is my domain. There is a trademark under the name 'Ads' done in year 2007 (used since 2004)

Now my question is, can the trademark owner of 'Ads' raise a dispute in the .in registry that I should return the domain to him?

Till now I have not got any disputes from any party, but under this scenario, what should I do.

a) Should I start promoting my domain or
b) Not use it
c) Do another trademark for 'Ads' or ''

Kindly advice. Its urgent


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Just to clarify:

I do not hold - This was an example for a generic name registered as trademark.

Similarly, even the name 'College' is a registered trademark since last year


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I know a person who deals with trademarks. He said this to me.

Kindly let me know how I should handle the situation now
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