Ad Revenue Down? Here’s the Latest Things That Could Be Affecting Your Revenue


You might say that declining ad revenue is becoming a typical part of the business; if you feel like you are constantly trying to find new ways to build both revenue and traffic on your domains while increasing the number of channels and ad networks you rely on, you’re far from alone. Publisher revenues are being squeezed across the board, and while sometimes you might even feel that the more web traffic you build, the less it pays out – you’re probably correct in that assessment.

So I’m going to share with you the latest issues I’m battling as a digital publisher so that you can look at your own domains and web sites to potentially get ahead of the curve as much as possible.

Back in November, Google began working on something called its “Brand Safety Initiative” which there is very little official discussion about right now – and for good reason. I do not believe there is even a page anywhere on their site that details it as of yet – probably because they’re treading extremely carefully on how much information they formally release about it as it directly affects publisher revenue – and publishers are hurting badly – so badly that Google has its own we’re going to help you stay alive’ PR campaign running. So Google’s parent company needs to be extremely careful about this as any blow-back on it could be devastatingly costly and cause massive litigation in the event any mistakes are made which could be construed as actual damages.

Here’s what I have learned so far.
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