A Niche, Or "Aything Goes"


Which do you think people prefer? A site that is about 1 particular subject.....a niche? Or a site where you can read about anything you can think of?


Why do you ask? Are you looking to buy? I don't know, I used to prefer chat forums and blogs with 100+ sub-forums/topics. There was no "niche" about them. But as I get older, I prefer to visit sites in general that are about 1 certain topic. It's all about personal preference really.


People generally trust a site that seems to be an authority on one particular subject rather than one that caters a little for each subject. I would go with a niche site if you want to make some real money.


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I prefer a site that is specific on one thing but with bits and pieces of other niches. You do not want to be in a site and get the feeling that it doesn't address a particular subject. As Connected has mentioned, this has all to do with preference.


So everyone kind of agrees that a niche is the way to go. Cool. The reason I asked was, I ran across a few blogs the past couple of weeks and each one is all over the topic map. Sites that you never know what you're going to see until you open it up. .


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It depends on how big your marketing budget is. If you have a very limited budget, I would suggest just doing one niche as that will allow you to focus your advertising more on that subject.
If you have a large amount of money to spend on marketing your website than I would suggest running on a general topic website like a news website for example.
Basically, it depends on your situation.
To give you a better answer I would need to know more about the websites you are planning.
That depends on your mindset and interest buddy, but anyway with my experience in blogging i will explain some basics of niche and web development in brief to help you decide the right niche to your blog.

If we speak ironically, if we say a blog a human body then the niche is like its soul, the success of your blog primarily depends on your niche, so choosing the right niche of a blog is the most crucial part of developing a blog.
If you want to be a successful blogger then your first step is to decide the perfect niche of your blog. Take your time and think properly and conduct some surveys before choosing your content.

As of your question, with my experience i would suggest you to go for a single niche blog since its has many advantages over multi niche blogs.
If the purpose of your blog is making money then single niche blog will serve you the best as it is easy to find direct advertisers. Its is difficult to manage a multi niche blog and it requires more time and people, it is practically not possible for a single person to develop and manage a multi niche blog or at least it is difficult since on must keep track of all the contents of the site.

The greatest disadvantage of multi niche site is that is has a negative impact on your site's SEO, in the present situation where millions of blogs come online everyday, SEO is one of the most important contributing factor of your blog's success. But in case of single niche website it is easy to do SEO on a single niche blog.

Another word of suggestion here is that, the chances of you becoming a successful blogger are higher when you develop a blog based on one subject that you are really interested and have better knowledge in subject.
So this my advice, Rest is for you to decide.



Wow, Prasanna kumar you seem to know quite a lot about the subject. Do you have your very own niche sites that you manage? If not, I think you should consider it. Sounds like you would do really well.
Thank you buddy, i m flattered. I used have a blog and it was all about farming but it is not online right now , i don't have time to attend the website like before but i m hoping to resume it soon.
Wow, Prasanna kumar you seem to know quite a lot about the subject. Do you have your very own niche sites that you manage? If not, I think you should consider it. Sounds like you would do really well.
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