50 GEO - $1 to start - A portfolio of 50 GEO names including OmahaRoofs.com - All bidders win...


Here is how this great deal works:
  • A portfolio of 50 GEO (U.S) domain names. See list on Flippa by clicking below.
  • Note: First 10 bidders on this auction get a free download of the 60-minute video presentation on how to sell geo names to end users (a $50 value). SEE PREVIEW. So basically all bidders win something...
  • Once you have placed your bid, send us a private message through Flippa and we will give you the code for the free video download.
  • All the names are registered at GoDaddy and have more than 10 months until expiration.
  • This are the types of names end-users buy all the time and that can be flipped for at least a few $100s.
  • Once you win and pay for the auction, all names will be pushed to your GoDaddy account.
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