32 one word, 3 lettered, 4 leterred and niche domains on sale


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I have the following 32 great domain names on for sale. I am new to this buy/sell community so do not know what actually should be the price of each domain. Please offer me price for domains in which you are interested.

Domain name - Year Registered - Specialty

adjudge.net - 2008 - one word

adulterant.net - 2008 - one word

bituminous.net - 2008 - one word

canonicals.net - 2008 - one word

chickenhearted.net - 2008 - one word

discountindia.net - 2005 - niche and geo targeted

globalwebonline.com - 2005 - niche targeted

indiacashback.com - 2005 - niche and geo targeted

indiacashback.net - 2005 - niche and geo targeted

indian-coder.com - 2005 - niche and geo targeted

indian-coder.net - 2005 - niche and geo targeted

indian-coders.com- 2005 - niche and geo targeted

indian-coders.net- 2005 - niche and geo targeted

indian-designers.biz- 2005 - niche and geo targeted

indian-designers.com- 2005 - niche and geo targeted

indian-designers.info- 2005 - niche and geo targeted

indian-designers.net- 2005 - niche and geo targeted

indian-designers.org- 2005 - niche and geo targeted

myhoneymoonpackages.com- 2005 - niche and geo targeted

turnkeywebonline.com- 2005 - niche and geo targeted

turnkeywebonline.info- 2005 - niche and geo targeted

turnkeywebonline.net- 2005 - niche and geo targeted

why-india.com- 2005 - niche and geo targeted

why-india.net- 2005 - niche and geo targeted

pyyr.com- 2007 - 4 leterred repeating letters

qcob.com- 2007 - pronounceable 4 lettered domain (cue cob)

zjvd.com - 2007 - 4 lettered domain

zpkw.com - 2007 - 4 lettered domain

vhub.net - 2007 -4 lettered domain (can be used as video hub)

h2w.net - 2007 - 3 lettered and can be used as "health to wealth"

hmkz.com - 2007 - 4 lettered domain
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