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I'm selling my website (2ff.in) Share Pictures And Get Revenue Sharing (2 Fun Friend), it is custom coded

Buyer will get
* Domain name (2ff.in) Share Pictures And Get Revenue Sharing registered by domainsite.com exp : 27-Oct-2011
* Content Script (No encoded Files - Layout PSD - Install guide - Ex.Rights)
* Support life time (Website coded by me)

Website is 100% Searching Engines Friendly And Adsense Compatible
with admin control panel have alot of options to edit your site

Price : $40
Post Sold or PM for more questions.


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7Turnkey - can you clarify what is going on here:
[WTS] Custom Link Guard With Revenue Share
and why you've been banned from DP.
Allright, well clear it in 3 points

1- The thread post was 10 Oct 2010 and we are now 24 March 2010 :cool:

2- Website was (Share pictures and get revenue) which means a funny pictures sharing website and now it is short link protection site :cool:

3- In dp there was a problem with someone who asked me to code custom script for him (funny pictures with revenue share) and yes i did but he didn't replied day after day , day after day so i decide to sell the project on one of my indian domains.

4- he came back and said it was my idea and you can not sell it and you must proceed with our deal on exact price we've deal about

From point 1 and 2 it means either i've sold it or removed it from my indian domain (domain is still mine) and yes i did fixed the problem by proceed in my deal with him and script is exclusively sold to him.

and it is clear that is no longer sharing pictures website, you can view it

well i didn't find any needs to update the thread here since i didn't got any one to ask about .. so consider it has been ended and very clear indeed the website isn't pictures sharing site.

that was the problem (Incomplate deal steps with copyrights of the idea) ;)


i still willing to sell the domain and i can custom code any idea if someone willing to use it for something since it is 2 F F can be used for many ideas.

I've banned for fight on the copyrights of idea since i was considered that if the customer did not respect the time then i've full rights to end the deal but i'm coming back in April :rolleyes:

thanks for your interest

On last thing i do not sell anything untill the buyer view it and also try it so i'm not selling warez or air bubbles just to be clear.
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