1. owl

    NameCheap Drops Support for 18 Uniregistry TLDs

  2. owl

    Godaddy drops Support for ALL Uniregistry TLDs

    What other registrars will stop carrying new gTLDs?
  3. CyberKing

    BitBuy.in - Live cryptocurrency price market!

    From name registration to launch in 30 minutes! Build from a custom API script using JQuery and PHP. BitBuy.in is a simple informational website that is very useful for those into Bitcoins, Ethereum and other 999+ cryptocurremcies for tick by tick prices, in multiple local currencies! Coming...
  4. domainking131

    Uniregistry: Transfer your domain names to us and we'll beat your current renewal rate*. Period

    At Uniregistry, great service comes with an unbeatable* price Why settle for less? Still paying for domain privacy protection? Renewal fees creeping up each year? Sick of getting upsold around every corner? We built Uniregistry to give our customers total control, honest pricing, and...
  5. domainking131

    Uniregistry released 3,636,440 domain names

    Uniregistry released over 3.5 million previously withheld domain names across 19 TLDs, including 1.2 million premium names. The 3,636,440 domains were released today at 10am PDT / (17:00 UTC). Most of the Uniregistry TLDs, such as .lol and .help, released about 20k to 45k names. But .click and...
  6. domainking131

    Frank Schilling’s North Sound Names Starts Deleting Its 230,000 Uniregistry Domains

    On Thursday Frank Schilling North Sound Names started to delete the registrations for the approximately 230,000 domain names it registered in Uniregistry new gTLD extensions. Yesterday over 100,000 domain names owned by North Sound Names in Uniregistry strings were deleted. About a month ago...
  7. domainking131

    Uniregistry: 1.5 million domains in one day

    A whole lot of domains, but probably not much revenue. How successful was .xyz’s promotion at Uniregistry? Judging by volume, quite successful. Uniregistry put out a press release today saying that 1.5 million domain names were registered at the registrar over 24 hours. If the domains were...
  8. domainking131

    Donuts quietly buys .shopping from Uniregistry

    Just a few months after Uniregistry bought out Donuts to win .shopping, Donuts has bought the pre-launch gTLD back. Donuts has also bought live gTLD .jetzt from a Swedish company. The .shopping deal is a weird one. Uniregistry and Donuts were the only two applicants for .shopping, until...

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