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    UDRP Filed on Two Letter .Com Domain ZT.com

    A UDRP has been filed on a two letter .Com domain name ZT.com It appears the domain name was owned in 2014 by Cincinnati Bell Telephone/Fuse Internet then transferred into privacy in September 2014, then transferred to a Raymond Liu in August 2015 and then was transferred to another Chinese...
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    FundMe.com and GoFundMe.com in trademark spat

    The owner of FundMe.com has filed a lawsuit against personal fundraising site GoFundMe.com over the similarity of their names and trademarks, and a bit of nuance around types of crowdfunding. FundMe.com has a trademark related to business funding. GoFundMe is a site for personal or charitable...
  3. domainking131

    UDRP filed on UOVO.com domain name after its sale at $4k+

    I was looking through the newest UDRP filings this morning at the World Intellectual Property Organization, and I came across a UDRP that was filed on the 4 letter .com UOVO.com domain name. The UDRP was filed by a company called Uovo Art LLC, and it is WIPO Case D2016-0214. At the present...
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    Hopscotch.com saved in UDRP, but no RDNH

    PR firm filed UDRP after failing to buy domain name. Joseph Lee bought the domain name for over $10,000 in 2010 with plans to create a game site. Complainant Hopscotch Group of Paris is a PR company. The complainant uses the domain name hopscotchgroupe.com and also owns domains like...
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    Vodex.com : 1999 domain UDRP results in RDNH finding

    Imagine registering a domain in 1999 and being challenged about its ownership almost 17 years later. That’s exactly what happened to the owner of Vodex.com, who led his company to a series of successful acquisitions by tech industry giants. According to a UDRP filed at the WIPO, the Respondent...
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    StinkySocks.com UDRP was a stinker

    Domain registered at least 6 years before hockey league was created. No surprise here: a National Arbitration Forum panel has determined that a case against StinkySocks.com was a stinker. Complainant The Trimount Company, Inc DBA StinkySocks Hockey, runs an adult hockey league in Boston. It...
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    TGW.com saved in weird UDRP

    No reverse domain name hijacking, but TGW.com to remain with owner. A three-person National Arbitration Forum panel has denied a case seeking transfer of TGW.com and thegolfwarehouse.com. The complainant, RG Golf, Inc. (“Complainant”) filed the case against The Golf Warehouse, Inc. The Golf...
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    Mrs Jello sues to block Camilla.com transfer

    UDRP panel ordered generic domain name to be transferred to Australian company. Mrs Jello LLC, a company formed by the late Igal Lichtman, has filed a lawsuit to block the transfer of Camilla.com after an adverse UDRP decision. Camilla Australia Pty Ltd tried to buy the domain name for AUS...
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    Frank Shilling gets RDNH win on 3 letter domain name

    Complainant failed to disclose prior negotiations. With the help of attorney John Berryhill, Frank Schilling has successfully defended his three letter domain name DKY.com in a UDRP. And, even though Berryhill didn’t ask for a finding of reverse domain name hijacking, the panel rightfully...
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    UDRP filed on Milano.com by owner of Milano.com.mx

    The domain name Milano.com has been hit with a UDRP. Milano as it is called in Italy, known to the rest of the world as Milan, one of the fashion capitals of the world. The UDRP was filed by Grupo Milano, S.A. de C.V. whose website is Milano.com.mx. Of course there are a ton of other trademarks...

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