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  1. anquest

    Google's .DEV up 4X to 66K DN Regs, Google Registry's TLD Portfolio TOPS 450K DN Regs (1stTimeEver)

    (BTW, As many folks know, Google's Parent, AlphaBET, Inc. is still using a NON Google Registry TLD for its Primary, 'Anchor' URL/website address >> This leads to a page that has a statement signed by Larry Page >> "As Sergey and I wrote in the original founders...
  2. anquest

    Google Registry .DEV Sunrise ENDS Tue, Feb 19, 3:59 pm GMT. Early Access (9 Days) Begins 1 Min Later

    Google Registry's .dev (dotDEV), Last Couple of Days that Trademark Holders - w. Their Trademark(s) Submtd./Entd. Into the Global, Centralized, TM Database ( ) - Get RIGHT of FIRST REFUSAL To Register .DEV domain names Usg. their Trademark(s) @ $18.99 (~INR 1,355) Per...
  3. JulienJ

    Sandeep Ramchandani, CEO of Radix – DNW Podcast

    This week we talk about new top level domain names with Sandeep Ramchandani, CEO of Radix. Radix is a portfolio new TLD company that focuses on generic extensions such as .online and .site. Sandeep reveals the company’s results so far, talks about how to value a top level namespace, discusses...
  4. JulienJ

    Donuts’ .Dating Registry to Benefit from Niche Dating Site Using Trump Politics

    A niche dating website business is out there promoting the .dating URL ( while suggesting trump supporters make ideal candidates for long lasting relationships. The site belongs to a group called Friends Worldwide, Inc. which has utilized niche sites such as...
  5. JulienJ

    Donuts is shutting down HotKeys next week

    Parking company gets the axe. Donuts is shuttering domain parking company HotKeys next week, the company announced in an email to clients today. The new top level domain company acquired HotKeys when it bought Rightside last year. The service hadn’t been marketed to domainers in a long time...
  6. JulienJ

    New gTLD revenue cut by HALF in ICANN budget

    The new gTLD industry is performing terribly when compared to ICANN’s predictions just six months ago. ICANN budget documents published over the weekend show that by one measure new gTLDs are doing just 51% of the business ICANN thought they would. The new budget (pdf) shows that for the...
  7. domainking131

    Amazon files first U.S. trademark for its new TLDs: .Moi

    Company wants to trademark a logo for its new .moi domain name. Amazon Registry Services has filed its first U.S. trademark for an individual top level domain name, a figurative mark for its new .moi domain name Moi means “me” in French. It has also launched a barebones page at

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