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Discussion in 'Legal Issues and Dispute' started by maheshg, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. maheshg

    maheshg New Member

    I would like to bring to your kind notice about the illegal practices committed by Mr. Vibhu rathore of a channel partner of Direct I internet services, Public domain registry.

    I have posted complaints on website against the domain registrar for not refunding my amount, which I paid for domain renewal ( a long back, and still I did not get it back from him. Just for posting the complaints he suspended all my domains,,, for more than a week. When I complained with Direct I he unsuspended them, but in the meanwhile he stole two of my premium domains ( and I came to know about this on (16/12/2010) when I got the message from reseller club.

    He changed the email Id's sometime back when he had the control panel with him without my knowledge and transferred the domains.

    I requested him several times to give back my domains, but he is turning a deaf ear and wants me to take back the complaints which I have posted on the sites, expecting change in his attitude.

    I don't understand what's wrong if we post a complain against a service provider if we are not satisfied with his services or get cheated by the service provider. After all all this sites and consumer forums are mean for that. I think in our country every one has the freedom of expression.

    So I request all the viewers of this post to beware of service providers like who don't only steal the money of customer' but also their assets(domains) and don't want any one to complain against their fraudulent and illegal activities.

  2. maheshg

    maheshg New Member

    Stolen domains and has stolen my domain names and SO pl don't buy this domains.
  3. maheshg

    maheshg New Member

    dummy domain control panel provides a Dummy domain cpanel where a customer can neither transfer nor move domain nor lock the domain nor renew the domain. He has created domain c panel for the customers under WHMCS Software, so that he can have total control over the domain names of the customer. Just for changing the name server he charges extra amount. Even after taking that, when the customer request him to change the name servers, he directs the customer to go to client area do such and such kind of thing by himself and we ( not change any settings. I don't understand why he takes the amount for DNS management and mail forwarding, which are free and any one can do if they have the (REAL)Domain control panel and not the one which provides.

    A customer has every right to have a real domain cpanel of his website with features of domain transfer, moving domain, changing dns records etc

    So, you need to be very careful while registering a domain name which plays a pivotal role in giving an identity to your business.

    Mahesh g
    Flourish Web solutions
  4. wot

    wot Active Member

    Stolen domains and

    Both the names are at Dynadot-with these nameservers
    Name Server: NS1.FLOURISHIT.COM
    Name Server: NS2.FLOURISHIT.COM

    check whois-yours?
  5. Jeff

    Jeff Administrator Staff Member

    The two domains seem to have been moved to Dynadot around Dec 16/2010. The nameservers are the same, but the rest of the whois information has changed.

    At the very least, you should contact Dynadot and ask them to lock the domains pending investigation.
  6. Mitsu

    Mitsu Member

    Best way to tackle such case contact Directi and provide them the proof of your ownership of these domains and once the directi is satisfied they can file a complaint before the ICANN (under registrar dispute resolution policy) and these domains can be taken back.

    Directi always have full details of log of domain changes and they are in better position to judge.

    Or Just call us (No matter if you a customer of Mitsu or not) we will happy to help you out.
  7. delhidude

    delhidude New Member

    I think you must file an FIR simultaneously (besides raising the issue with Directi), if you think you are innocent. The domain will return to you in any case. But if you take the route of police, the culprit will get the punishment for theft.

    I doubt the following things.

    1. How can someone transfer without the confirmation e-mail from the admin?
    2. In case you have defaulted and the domain got dropped then its a different story.
    3. No reseller can be so stupid to do it. Not only they will be out of business, but can land up in jail.
    4. During "domain push" from one reseller to another of directi, the whois record remains unchanged, this create confusion, sometimes. So double-check that the domain do not appear in your list of domains.
  8. itssri

    itssri New Member

    Well, everyone has added some extra info for you, but I will talk about something different. Please don't take offence.

    Your domain name would look and spell better if it was
    instead of

    Because of the nature of calligraphy and the way our eyes group the alphabets, "flourishit" breaks into 3 groups.
    For example, THERAPIST looks like THE RAPIST ;)

    We quickly form mental images of groups of recallable, meaningful word around the 1st syllable from either side of the domain name (minus TLD). This is a very important rule one should consider when creating domains or brand names.

    BTW, why don't you talk to the reseller on phone. I think he's been around for some time.
  9. delhidude

    delhidude New Member

    Itssri seems to be too polite.

    Your domain will be read as "FLOUR I SHIT dot Com". I too agree.
  10. maheshg

    maheshg New Member

    I have not posted this thread to get suggestions for my company domain. I have posted it to make people aware about the illegal activities of the domain registrar I know who has posted this comment.

    I also have a suggestion for The domain looks like a beggar begging for alms

    alms. to . beggar
  11. maheshg

    maheshg New Member

    I have not posted this thread to get suggestions for my company domain. I have posted it to make people aware about the illegal activities of the domain registrar I know who has posted this comment.

    I also have a suggestion for The domain looks like a beggar begging for alms

    alms. to . beggar
  12. itssri

    itssri New Member

    Dear Mahesh G,

    Please do not take offence. I am not connected or related to your so called thief "door door tak" and I am not defending him. I had hosted a domain 4 years back with him without any problem, that's all.

    What I meant to convey was -
    1. there might be some misunderstanding which could perhaps be solved by talking on phone.
    2. if the domain was dropped by mistake or renewal failed by mistake, this is time to create a better name.

    All said and done, it is your brand and your business - you are the best judge and I have nothing to do with it except share my opinion in this forum.

    I had a similar problem with a service provider and got my problem solved over several phone calls. Cheer up man and approach things with optimism.
  13. maheshg

    maheshg New Member

    I will clarify your doubts:

    The domain control panel which the reseller provides is a dummy one, where the customer will not any control over the domain. He has created the domain control panel under his software WHMCS and given very few options like chaning child name servers, getting epp code but no option for domain transfer or renewal or moving the domain etc. The reseller is having total control over the domains of the customer and can do anything like placing transfer request, changing registrant mail id etc

    Pl go through the link below

  14. delhidude

    delhidude New Member

    A reseller of directi can customize his control pannel, but rarely do it. You contact Directi, their mail ID is Directi is 100 % responsible for any illigal thing done by there reseller. I had one issue with another Directi reseller, I went to Directi and when they did not take any action I went to inregistry (as that domain name was an .in domain), within 2 days my problem was solved. The helpdesk of .in registry is excellent. But since your domain is a .com and problem is different, you need to approach it differently.

    Move service is available at slightly tricky place (in all reseller club websites). If possible I will send you a screen shot showing exactly where and how it is done.
  15. Jeff

    Jeff Administrator Staff Member

    Have you done what Mitsu recommended in post #6? If so, what was the result?

    Although the domains may be stolen, how do you know it was the registrar who did it?
  16. Mitsu

    Mitsu Member

    Today we have received the details from MaheshG and also gone through the support ticket raised by the MaheshG at Directi.

    We try to understand the issue by calling Directi and's owner Mr. Vibhu.

    After going through the whole details we concluded that the issue is more of misunderstanding between the parties. (If we detail the full issue then it requires almost half page of writing)

    So in short :

    Mr. Vibhu has sent us email that he is ready to surrender the domain and he says his business is damaged by lot of posting on several forum by maheshG.

    I hope this issue can be resolved immediately as Mr. Vibhu clearly told us that he is ready to keep domain in our custody till Mr. MaheshG delete all forum posting or post the message on forum that the issue is settled and once the things will be completed we will release domain back to Mr. MaheshG.

    We assume that this is the fair thing and this issue can be resolved by this way.

    Since this issue openly raised on this platform so we think it appropriate to give details in this forum only so both the parties view point can be kept for public.
  17. Jeff

    Jeff Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks Mitsu. Misunderstandings happen, glad that it's starting to get resolved. It's not a problem deleting this thread.
  18. Mitsu

    Mitsu Member


    You are right but we hope the things will go positive , If MaheshG should do the needful then he will get the domain back and same will be the end of issue.
  19. delhidude

    delhidude New Member


    Do not delete the thread. If you do, I will leave the forum. If there is an issue or misunderstanding let it be there. Let others learn from it. Neither Vibhu nor "Mitsu" should dictate how a customer should behave. Looking at the words of MaheshG, it is not impossible to guess that he must have done some short of mistake. But that can not be the reason to illegally transfer his domains.

    The reseller ( should first transfer the domains back to MaheshG and say sorry. Because what they have done (transfer the domain) can be traced and is a criminal offence. If MaheshG has done any thing wrong, the reseller is free to take legal action against him. In a civil society a criminal offence is not justified by a preceding offence.

  20. delhidude

    delhidude New Member

    BTW, after the trouble about what I have mentioned about the directi reseller, I had transfered many of my .in to Mitsu. Personally I have nothing against Mitsu.

    Currently I am taking the service of three Directi resellers, besides 2 other registrars. Moving my domains between them I get the best prices. For example, if one reseller gives a better price for say, .net, I move my domain to that reseller and renew it there.

    I appreciate the service provided by Mitsu. But their stand on this issue is not CORRECT.

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