1. JulienJ

    Afilias plans to file IRP to halt .Web

    A lawyer for domain name registry Afilias says the company plans to file a Cooperative Engagement Process (CEP) and subsequent Independent Review Process (IRP) should ICANN move forward with delegating .Web to Nu Dot Co. Nu Dot Co won the auction to operate .web for $135 million. It was...
  2. JulienJ

    .web closer to reality as antitrust probe ends

    Verisign has been given the all-clear by the US government to go ahead and run the new gTLD .web, despite competition concerns. The Department of Justice told the company yesterday that the antitrust investigation it launched almost exactly a year ago is now “closed”. Verisign’s secret proxy...
  3. domainking131

    Will .WEB be the best selling new gTLD?

    I am curious if you think .Web will ultimately become the best selling new gTLD extension. At the present time, there are more .XYZ domain names than any other new gTLD extension with about 6.4 million registered domain names. The .XYZ registry achieved this number over two years by offering...
  4. domainking131

    Verisign Will Quickly Grow .Web As An Additional Option

    VeriSign, Inc. today announced the following information pertaining to the .web top-level domain (TLD): “The Company entered into an agreement with Nu Dot Co LLC wherein the Company provided funds for Nu Dot Co’s bid for the .web TLD. We are pleased that the Nu Dot Co bid was successful. We...
  5. domainking131

    .Web top level domain name auction ends for $135 million

    .Web domain sets a record. The auction to determine who gets to run the .web top level domain name has concluded with a $135 million price. This is by far the most paid to run a top level domain name. Prior to this auction, the highest public price for a new top level domain was $41.5 million...
  6. domainking131

    Donuts sues ICANN over .web domain

    New top level domain applicant unhappy with ICANN’s response thus far, so it takes its complaint to court. One of new top level domain name company Donuts’ subsidiaries has sued ICANN in an effort to postpone the auction for .web and potentially disqualify one of the participants. Donuts and...

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