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  1. domainking131 Was Just Acquired By A O2O Company

    Two-letter domain name was acquired by an end-user yesterday, the price was ¥26 million CNY (approximately $3.75 million USD). What a great price! The buyer is an O2O wine company named WanJiaHuanGou in China, their website domain name was before they acquired, “HG” is...
  2. domainking131 sold for over $1M USD reported that NNN name was sold for a 7 figure price. Just a while ago, and also changed hands. Seems like NNN names have come back to the spotlight recently.
  3. Mohit Bardia

    Country Name .biz Domain For Sale

    Country Name .biz Domain For Sale : Domain : Bid Start : $50 Increment : $20
  4. Mohit Bardia For Sale

    Domain Name For Sale Domain Name : Make Offer if You Are Intrested
  5. Balakumar Premium Domain For Sale

    Hi friends i want to sell my domain name adfly is an popular link shortening website in the world,google,yahoo,dell,and so many familiar companies are using domain extension for their indian websites,so make use of this extension,contact me i am ready to sell the...
  6. Mohit Bardia


    ** PREMIUM DOMAIN NAME FOR SALE ** A Startup Domain ::: Domain Name : Niche : Hotel Management System / Hotels chain *** Please Check Below Images to Check Background of
  7. domainking131 sold to Chinese domain investors

    Another day, another ultra-short LL .com domain of two letters changes hands: is now owned by Chinese domain owners. According to a research performed by Canadian domain investor and analyst, George Kirikos, the domain marks another acquisition by the ever-hungry Chinese...
  8. J


  9. domainking131 sells for $929,000 sold for $929,000 on NameJet today, while is reporting that sold for only 840,000 RMB ($127,932). The domain moved from a registrant in New York to a Chinese domain investor.

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