1. JulienJ

    Godaddy: ".NET price to increase on Feb 1, 2018"

    Mail from Godaddy: “Starting on February 1st, 2018, the .NET Registry is increasing the price for all Registrars on .NET domains. As result, GoDaddy will be increasing the pricing by $1.00 USD for all new registrations, renewals, and transfers for the .NET TLD. If you would like to take...
  2. JulienJ

    .NET Year in Review (2017): Top 100 Highest Reported .NET Domain Sales

    According to NameBio, 3,664 .net domain sales were reported last year (compared to 66,159 .com). The value of these top 100 is just $1,291,335.00 (about 1/25th of the $25M in .coms). The majority of these .net domain sales took place at venue Sedo.com, taking 35% of the top 100. co.net $...
  3. domainking131

    Verisign Q3 report: 145.8 million .com & .net domain names (up 1.47 million)

    VeriSign, Inc. reported financial results for the third quarter of 2017. Business Highlights Verisign ended the third quarter with 145.8 million .com and .netdomain name registrations in the domain name base, a 1.2 percent increase from the end of the third quarter of 2016, and a net increase...
  4. domainking131

    .Com/.Net base grew by 1.47 million in Q3

    Growth in base outpaces Verisign’s forecast. Verisign, the domain name registry for .com and .net domain names, reported results for Q3 after the bell today. The total base of registered .com and .net domain names increased 1.47 million over the quarter. Verisign had forecast growth of 0.8...
  5. owl

    .NET Zone File below 15 million domains

    Noticed the .NET Zone File is below 15 million domains. As of today 14,939,181 .NET domains in the zone. There are 14,692,026 active .NET domains in the zone file as of today. What do you think this is happening? What do you think this means for .NET? Have new Gs affected registrations and...
  6. F


    Hello, I own Shivaji.net, and would be interested to hear of what the members think regarding the value of this one-word .net.
  7. domainking131

    Internet Grows to 334.6 Million Domain Name Registrations in the Second Quarter of 2016

    VeriSign, Inc., today announced that approximately 7.9 million domain name registrations were added to the internet in the second quarter of 2016, bringing the total number of domain name registrations to approximately 334.6 million across all top-level domains (TLDs) as of June 30, 2016...
  8. domainking131

    Divyank Turakhia sells Media.net for $900 million

    Turakhia scores again with Media.net; $900 million deal makes him a billionaire at age 34. Divyank Turakhia, who co-founded Directi with his brother, has struck again. Turakhia sold his AdTech company Media.net to a Chinese consortium for $900 million, making him a billionaire at the age of 34...
  9. domainking131

    .Net Domain Name Price Goes Up 10% On February 1st, 2017

    .Net domain name wholesale price goes up again on February 1st, 2017. That means you have a few months notice to renew your .net domain names for 1 to 10 years so you can save a few $. Verisign announced an increase in the annual fee for a .net domain name registration from $7.46 to $8.20., per...
  10. domainking131

    Verisign: Internet Grows to 326.4 Million Domain Names in the First Quarter of 2016

    com and .net Breakdown The .com and .net TLDs experienced aggregate growth, reaching a combined total of approximately 142.5 million domain names in the domain name base in the first quarter of 2016. [2] In the first quarter of 2016, Verisign processed 10 million new domain name registrations...
  11. domainking131

    PokemonGo.net sells for $20,950 on DropCatch

    Pokemon Go has been all over the news the last week or two. According to a tweet by NameBio, PokemonGo.net sold for $20,950 at DropCatch.com yesterday. To put things in perspective a bit, this will be one of the top 15 .net sales of 2016 once Ron Jackson adds it to his year to date sales...
  12. domainking131

    Parking dooms owner of F5.net in UDRP

    Why would you park a domain like this one? There are several reasons that the Chinese owner of F5.net just lost the domain name in a UDRP to F5 Networks, Inc. But one of them should be a warning for owners of short domains: the ads on the parked page were related to the complainant’s business...
  13. domainking131

    XX.net sells for 690,000 Yuan ($106,191)

    Ename.cn reported thatXX.net sold for 690,000 Yuan or $106,191. In the same post they stated that QQB.com sold for 595,000 Yuan or $91,570. Source
  14. domainking131

    Trending Keywords In .COM & .NET

    The top 10 trending keywords registered in .COM and .NET domain names during the month of March 2016 were published by Verisign, the .com and .net registry. Source
  15. domainking131

    Sedo Weekly Transactions Total $1.4million led by Career.net at $85,000

    Over the past week, 558 transactions took place on Sedo’s marketplace and via SedoMLS, totaling $1.4m. 56% of total sales were the result of Buy Now listings. Highlights of public sales are: · Top .com: taiwantrade.com at 51,765 USD · Top ccTLD: sparstrumpf.de at 47,600 EUR · Top...
  16. domainking131

    Domain economy : Dot .Net pricing inches up

    With hundreds of new gTLDs, it’s good to remember the original 3 TLDs, .com, .net and .org. Verisign manages the first two currently, and their contract grants them consistent annual raises in pricing. The dot .net base price for registrations and renewals is going up by 50 cents, effective...

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