1. Sarfraz S

    Geo niche domain name to develop a website/blog for the Canada visa seekers. "" available for sale. Make offers in landing page. Thanks!
  2. domainking131

    Smart geo TLD marketing by .NYC

    Despite a slow start for some domains, I’m still a fan of city new top level domain names. City names only have to create awareness in a small geographic area. This should be easier than global awareness. Still, it’s going to require usage and promotion to make people in cities that have their...
  3. domainking131

    Is Godaddy geo service dead?

    There was a service from Godaddy earlier at Is it dead already? I don't see the link resolving to any website. It was an excellent tool to buy geo domain names in any extension.
  4. domainking131

    New Feature: Search Geo and Geo+Keyword Domain Sales!

    I’m thrilled to announce that you can now search our database for pure Geo domain name sales and also Geo+Keyword! On the advanced search form on our home page you’ll see Geo as a Category, and it has subcategories of Cities, States / Regions, Countries, and Geo+Keyword. You can use these...
  5. DomainSherpa

    From Brandable to Exact-Match Geo Domain Making $1.5M Per Year - With John Colascione

    John Colascione registered his first geographic domain name – – for only registration fee (about $10), and after years of hard work discovered the best way to make money in his specific geographic region. With the success of that business model, he parlayed his readership...

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