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  1. anquest

    Google's .DEV up 4X to 66K DN Regs, Google Registry's TLD Portfolio TOPS 450K DN Regs (1stTimeEver)

    (BTW, As many folks know, Google's Parent, AlphaBET, Inc. is still using a NON Google Registry TLD for its Primary, 'Anchor' URL/website address >> This leads to a page that has a statement signed by Larry Page >> "As Sergey and I wrote in the original founders...
  2. anquest

    Google's .APP @ 155,469 DN Regs, Continues Spectacular Climb, Reaches RANK 28 (amg. 'NEW TLDs' only)

    Reaches RANK 28 (amg. 'NEW TLDs' only) - acc. to | .APP domain names May Be Regd. By Anyone @ $19.99 (~INR 1,350) / DN / Year @ (.app LOGO © Google Registry / AlphaBET, Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOGL)) (Google Registry also does business as...
  3. anquest

    .APP Shoots Up to 90,353 DN Regs/RANK 40 (amg. 'NEW TLDs'), UP 78.2K DN Regs (In Less than 14 hours)

    Google's .APP Shoots Up to 90,353 DN Regstns./RANK 40 (amg. 'NEW TLDs' only)) >> UP 78,224 DN Regs. (in Less than 14 Hours) from 8,146 DN Regs. (acc. to: ) | (.APP Entered 'General Availability' Tue, May 8, 2018) .APP @ $19.99 (~INR 1,340) /DN/Year @...

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