1. Domaining in Auction on Sedo

    Howdy y'all, is in the Sedo Great Domains auction. Directions: Navigate on over to the auction if you would like to place a bid by clicking on the following link...
  2. Mittaltiger Auction Reserve - $100 USD Other Auctions - None End Date - 07/02/2018 Best regards, -- Mittaltiger
  3. Mittaltiger,, are on lot sale

    Hi I am holding on to domains :- - SUCCESS - POT - VIRTUAL REALTY VENTURE CAPITAL All 3 domains are premium and follow pattern respectively - ABCA, ABCC, ABAC - Please reply to this thread else drop an email at, contact AT mittaltiger DOT com, to dicuss...
  4. Domaining

    Auction ended.

    Auction ended.
  5. Domaining

    GRAB this great domain name in auction ---> Current Bid: $20. BIN: ONLY $150.

    I'm back with another GREAT domain name. :) You are bidding on You can access the auction by clicking here. Starting bid is only $15 USD. Bidding increments are a minimum of $2. Buy it now price added. ONLY $150. The domain price is a lot cheaper than purchasing a...
  6. Domaining

    Auction ended.

    Auction over.
  7. Domaining


  8. Domaining In Auction. Starting Bid: ONLY $1. Buy It Now: Just $25

    Domain Name: You can access the auction by clicking here. Starting Bid: $1 Minimum Increments: $1 Buy It Now: $25 USD Auction Ends: 96 hours after last bid is placed. Payment Method: PayPal Creation Date: Aug/04/2008 Expiration Date: Aug/04/2017 Registrar: TLDs...
  9. Domaining

    Auction is taking place for (Sounds like Europe.) Bid now before it's too late. :)

    Domain Name: (Sounds like Europe.) Please click here to be taken to the auction. Thank you and merry bidding! :)
  10. Domaining for ONLY $150. (Great domain name for a dating site.)

    Howdy y'all, I am selling for ONLY $150 USD. This is a great domain name for a dating site. List singles in the USA and categorize them by which ever State they dwell in. The first person to private message me with the word "Sold," the domain name is theirs. I will then...
  11. Domaining

    Auction over.

    Auction over.

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