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Discussion in 'Indian Websites and Start-ups' started by indy, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. indy

    indy Member

  2. Jeff

    Jeff Administrator Staff Member

    Cool site! Are you just pulling videos from Youtube? What sort of a CMS are you using?
  3. freeads

    freeads New Member

    Nice site. Tell us how u did it. Even I have domain which I want to develope it for bolywood movies.
  4. Gaurish

    Gaurish New Member

    Very Nice site... but you are giving copyrighted content for free.

    that is legally wrong!
  5. RaghavK

    RaghavK New Member

    well made..looks great..
  6. jamestristen

    jamestristen New Member

    well mate, very nice site..thanks for it
  7. indy

    indy Member

    Feel free to contact me in PM and would be glad to help you develop your Bollywood Movie website. At the very least - you could include a link to - Bollywoods largest movie portal!
  8. indy

    indy Member

    Thanks for the post Gaurish - None of the content is being hosted by us. is simply a Bollywood Movie aggregator. Feel free to contact me in PM with any additional comments and would be glad to discuss.
  9. sachy24

    sachy24 New Member

    Is dekho based on Joomla???
  10. newbiedomainer

    newbiedomainer New Member

    No its based on social engine.
  11. royaloye

    royaloye New Member

    well done, good in looks also, I think it is not legal to show films like this

    anyway, congrats for a Good site
  12. hosting

    hosting New Member

    Nice site. I have watched couple of movies already ;-)
  13. djidji

    djidji New Member

    Strong developed site using .in is always great thing for .in extension.
  14. monood

    monood New Member

    nice site
  15. iamthecountry

    iamthecountry New Member

    I am interested, I have many movie related in domains
  16. iamthecountry

    iamthecountry New Member

    still interested
  17. New Member

    Thanks for sharing this entertaining stuff. Hopefully someday I will get time to visit and try it.

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