Sells for 4,975 Euros German for Dental Insurance sold for 4,975 euros at SEDO. Good news for us.

MOD EDIT: Please see update below. It was the .info, and not the .in, that sold.
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This proves that strong non-English .in domains are worth to invest on.
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When .in will be a much bigger market (see for example) premium non-English names will have a certain value ;)
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You have to market any name. Most domainers wait instead of going after end-users.
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I'm just updating this thread to reflect that it was the .info that actually sold (and not the .in). See:

UPDATE: As reported here, the domain that actually sold was Unfortunately, the whole extension was not visible in Sedo's recent sales list.
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OMG :eek: What a disappointment...

@Ceres: you should also update the thread's title.
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the_poet, Thanks for the suggestion! I've now amended the title and moved thread out of the general Indian domains section so as to avoid additional confusion!


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