YouTube Now Accessible to Hearing-Impaired & Others


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YouTube has made a great move by introducing auto-captioning to its site.

Auto-caps is a continued step towards YouTube's goal of making video accessible everywhere (web, mobile, TV) and to everyone (other countries, languages, alternative access modes).
Automatic captions are being introduced on a few educational channels and Google channels (captions can be translated to other languages). This feature will likely expand to other YouTube videos in the future.

Also, you can now upload a transcript for a video and the speech recognition technology will turn it into synchronised captions.

You can read more here and here.

I'll probably find a few of the features useful as I have hearing issues. Also, if you don't understand the language spoken on the video, you'll be able to translate the captions to a language you understand (including some Indian languages). Hey, the new features will also be useful when your computer sound is not working! ;)
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