Your favourite music artist


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Sad but true, I have absolutely no idea what's happening in the music scene right now! My guess is that a few years from now, my son will know more about the current music scene than I do. ;)

A few of my all-time favourite artists are Don McLean and Crowded House.


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Funny you should say that because I am the same I am wondering who half the bands are. Just the other day on the radio the DJ said he was going to play an hour of some Oldies and I though " fantastic, I love the music of the 60's", (as oldies are known to me) and on came all the music of the 80's, I was shocked to think my teenage years are now classified as the oldies LOL


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If you ask me I believe not in artists, but do believe in the musics lyrics.

One artist which I love most is "Kistore Da"


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It depends on which genre of music, since I like several styles, ranging from classical to pop/rock.

1. Classical, my favorite composer would be Mozart, though I like many others.
2. Pop/Rock, The Beatles and Billy Joel
3. Jazz, Diana Krall
4. Film scores, John Williams, James Horner, and Michael Kamen. Williams is my favorite of the three, but the other two are great too.


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@man2008: Yes, the lyrics by themselves can be very powerful.

@fardreamer: Billy Joel also gets my vote!


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I am more into rock and Metal, and Favorite band is none other than Metallica, Their lyrics and sound are just worthy although it has been quite sometime since their last album.
@ceres: I thought you are a Metallica fan when you said 'sad but true'


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@ceres: I thought you are a Metallica fan when you said 'sad but true'

Nomad, I just searched "sad but true" on Google and now realise it's the title of a Metallica song. I'm not a Metallica fan - it's just a funny coincidence that I used those words. :p

I have many favorites, but two of my "most" favorites are:

1) Corby Yates:

YouTube - Corby Yates, Is This Evil solo. Live in Fresno

I have seen Corby live 3 or 4 times, and will see him again live, in Fresno CA, on August 30th.

2) Big Head Todd & The Monsters:

YouTube - The Moose Song - Big Head Todd and the Monsters

I have seen BHTM live 5,6? or more times, last in Hawaii when I was married to my wife, Letty, last year in May:

Both guys are fantastic musicians, and guitarists. You can see more of them at:

Big Head Todd and the Monsters -

and of course at my website:


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I'd have to say my favorite is Outkast. I think a large part of why I like them so much is because they are unique and have a style all their own. I listen to almost all genre's of music, so its hard to say which one I like most.


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My favourite Music artiste/band is Linkin Park. I love the lyrics their songs have and the music aptly suites my moods. I mostly listen to soft music.


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My favorite artist keeps changing from time to time. I was crazy about Enrique a couple of years back :)
Right now I'm into Opeth a lot. I like Vonda Shepard and old day's music too.


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Who is your current favourite music artist and what type of music do you like most ?
My favourite music is jazz. Since I remember myself, I heard this music in the house of my parents. I grew up with this music. And I like the music of Miles Davis best of all.


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i really do not have favorite artists. i just love the songs not the ones who sang it. i am more into alternative, pop and sentimental. i am a music lover.;)


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My favorite music artist is Rihanna. She has a beautiful voice, and a great stage presence. I am also looking for her to be in a movie at some point in time.


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My favorite music artist is Rihanna. She has a beautiful voice, and a great stage presence. I am also looking for her to be in a movie at some point in time.
I love Rihanna a lot. She has a great voice and is ravishing to look. Another singer in this category is Hilary Duff who has a great personality and haunting voice.


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I love music and good music is my weakness, my favorite artist would be many some for few songs and some for all music they have composed.
Shaggy, Bob Marley, J Lo, Kenny Rogers, Don Williams, Dolly Patton,Cliff Richards, Justine on and so forth.
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