Yoga-Domain, Guru-Domain, Shiksha-Domains

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    If you plan or own a website about yoga, you should make the right domain choice: the Yoga-Domains.

    Search engines like Google are working on placing websites with keywords. Google will prefer websites with Yoga-Domains for searches, because an important keyword is already in the domain ending. New studies e.g. Searchmetrics show that the New Top Level Domains can achieve a better search engine ranking. The presentation with the yoga domain is more attractive and shorter - and therefore more noticeable. The memory of a domain is a crucial factor in the marketing of websites.

    To the program of ICANN for new top level Domains beside the Yoga Domains still further far eastern Domains belong:
    -Shiksha domains

    Who would have thought: The Guru domains are with 82,000 registrations a bright star under the New Top Level Domain.

    Shiksha comes from Sanskrit. It means wisdom, knowledge, education, knowledge transfer and the like.
    These domains are already at the Golive Phase. Therefore, free domains can be registered at any time.
    If you are interested at the Yoga-Domains, Guru-Domains or Shiksha-Domains, you should contact us
    Hans-Peter Oswald