YM.com sold by Advance Publishing Inc


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According to an article on theDomains

"The 2 letter domain name YM.com has been sold by the 44th largest private company in the United States, Advance Publishing Inc. according to whois records.

Advance Magazine Publishers Inc. was the official company name listed in whois records for YM.com, and they are a subsidiary of Advance Publishing Inc. Advance Digital and Conde Nast Digital are all part of Advance Publishing Inc. company.

The domain name YM.com was forwarding to TeenVogue.com for several years. The 2 letter .com domain name market has been exploding with the minimum wholesale value jumping to $500K with many 2 letter .com domain sales easily reaching 7 figure sales.

YM.com has transferred from CSC Corporate Domains domain registrar to eName and the YM.com domain has been added to the 4.cn domain name servers. I did do a search on 4.cn and YM.com is listed for sale on the site. The whois is generic currently with “domainadmin” and a registrant email address of “8288688@qq.com” for the domain, so the current owners are unknown."


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