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Yauba is a new Indian search engine which is currently in beta. Yauba states it will not keep any record of your browsing habits or any other personal information. Its privacy policy certainly is short:

We do not keep any personally identifiable information.
I did a few search on Yauba and it seems to produce fairly decent results. What do you think it?


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I don't why I feel its a google custom search behind the scene, especially looking at the search results. I may be wrong.


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Interesting site.

The results are actually pretty decent.

There doesn't seem to be any bias towards Indian results even though it's an Indian search engine.

Sam from Yauba

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Hello everyone!

Sameer here from Yauba.

We are still in our late alpha/early beta period with Yauba, and we would really appreciate your suggestions and feedback on how to make the service better.

Please feel free to email me directly at sam (|at|) yauba (|dot|) com. I will try to reply as promptly as I can!

Thank you so much!

Sameer Caan


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looks good..but has too much of information on the same page..or maybe we are just too used to google..
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