.XYZ Passes .Info With Over 5.5 Million Registrations


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The new gTLD .XYZ has passed .info to become the 4th most registered Top Level Domain Extension in the world.

According to RegistrarStats.com, .info has 5,508,922 domain names registered.

The zone files for yesterday have not updated but TheDomains.com reached out to the .XYZ registry who confirmed that they now have more registered domain names than .info.

The only top level domain name extensions to have more domain registrations than .xyz are .Com, .Net and .Org.

.info was launched 15 years ago, in 2001.

.XYZ just celebrated it’s 2nd anniversary.

.XYZ has basically added somewhere around 2.5 Million registrations it had registered previously by offering domain name registrations as low as $.01/$.02 for two days

The .$.01 promotion ended yesterday, but domain names are available for as low as $.22 a domain for the rest of June at many registrars.

Starting in July retail prices for a .XYZ registration will revert to $1 – $15 depending on your registrar until the end of the year.

The relatively new gTLD .XYZ became the 4th most registered Top Level Domain Extension in the world. Wow, just behind .Com, .Net and .Org. And will surpass them if again .XYZ offers outrageously cheap domain prices name registrations for as low as $.01/$.02. Still, without the bargain sale, is cheaper than the other former domains.


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The problem is that to people who know about it, it doesn't reflect the true value of the domain name. The fact that there are more domains registered is because they're being sold for like $0.1. People are buying them because they're cheap and so it feels like a potential investment as, although they're likely to be worthless, you didn't commit enough money to the purchase to really lose anything anyway.


I have to agree that they're popular just because they cost practically nothing. Quite honestly I don't see much value in .xyz despite having one, and I don't think I'll renew it once the time comes around.

This kind of statistic should only be looked at way later, seeing how .info is already 15 years old, whereas .xyz is merely two years. IMO you'd need at least five years for the sales to even out.

Also, how much did .info sell in the same time? Any ideas?


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I just saw an article online (it's fairly outdated now as it was posted in 2015) that said some .info sites have fallen in price by 85% since they first came about. I don't know how valid that information is, and I've lost the link to the post now. But it seems that if anything, .info was more expensive at the start and has only lost value. But it is competing with a lot more alternatives now, even more so since that article was written.
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