.XYZ domains : When you sell domains at $0.01 you become a spam enabler


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Imagine a world where the default is to be spammed first,and be removed from the spam list only after you complained about it.

Like the Greek fable of Hydra, by the time you complain about the first incident, 10 more instances have showed up.

Let’s not forget the manner in which the .XYZ Registry gained its first million domains: through a Network Solutions robo-promotion, that created free .XYZ domains in the accounts of the .com holders, without any discretion.

Spam is a serious issue and not to be taken lightly.

Domain Registries that sell domains below cost not only devalue their gTLD, they also become spam enablers.

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Gimmicks, hype and deep discounts ...you know when someone is trying very hard to please. My view on .xyz is similar to most gtlds, whats the need for them other than a few niche applications. Most end users will get the .com, cctld of their choice, keywords in .com and cctlds, gtlds will come after that if needed. Thats the point, where is the need...I can't see one for .xyz
I disagree, any domain registry has the right to sell a gTLD under any price hey want. The spam enabler complaint is just anargument to reinforce their dislike for domain devaluation. There are several measures one could take to fight against spamming. Tons of Different cheap domains for spamming purpose is just another everyday take for the spam industry.


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