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Hello Everyone here. I have launched my new website --> uvideo.in
The site is a collection of very FUNNY INDIAN VIDEOS and the best funny indian clips and amazing Youtube videos. New funny advertisemnets, clips and videos are being posted often.

Now you can also post popular and funny indian videos in my website if you are interested just by posting youtube URL's. I'll also share adsense revenue money with blog authors when feasible. Please contact me for more details or visit this link -->


I would like feedback/reviews on my site/blog and if it can be made better. I'll continue to post wonderful, interesting and Funny Indian videos so check it out. Let me know if you like it or any suggestions. Thank you. Bye. :)
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MODERATOR : Please delete my thread (this one) as i posted in the wrong section.
I do not wish to sell my new website as it might have been implicated here.
So please delete this thread. Thanks.
On second thoughts if anyone here wants to buy it for reasonable price, i don't mind selling it. It's getting pretty good traffic these days. If you wish to buy just comment here or let me know via PM.


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