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Checkout The Its2hot.in - Best Environmental Forum | Index page... Its a new environmental forum. I don't know if there is any other forum that has India in center. Topics from Global Warming to Pollution to The 3R Concept to Biofuels to CDM and much more are covered. To add some excitement we have polls and offline meets as well.

BTW as introductory offer we are planting 1 tree/sapling for every registered member on the forum... I suggest you atleast visit once The Its2hot.in - Best Environmental Forum | Index page


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Wonderful forum. I am sure you will be very successful in a short while. You have really chosen a niche theme.

BTW I have registered. Plant my sapling soon!


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Same here. I too registered. Can you plant the sapling of my choice. BTW where do you plant those saplings and how do you manage to take enough care of them?


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No replies? Where's natureguy? Anyone confirmed if he has really planted saplings?

Anyhow I am also registering. Its a noble service I think. Keep it up buddy. It would be great if you could post couple of pics of your plantation.


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Same with me. I am also obliged to register on this noble forum. I wish you grow large and that too pretty quick. I think you should do some extra publicity to ensure that people around the world come to know about your noble work.


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It is a very good move by the mods. I very well appreciate it. Every citizen must recognize his/her duty to avoid pollution. The forum looks good. The idea of planting a sapling for every user is a great move.


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It seems like this thread is pretty popular here. Loads of guys have registered from here. While I usually don't follow the herd, this time I have broken my rule. I too have registered. Please plant my tree soon.


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