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Do you have more than 1 domain you are not using or that you have parked with a domain parking company? Are you giving away a part of the income you earn through your parked domains? Would you like to create hundreds of virtual pages for each of your parked domains, spending only minutes for each domain, where each page is fully indexed by Google, Yahoo and Bing, updates daily on auto-pilot using your keywords, ranks well, and is filled with any ads you desire? What if you also got to keep 100% of the money you make from ads?

Domain Zaar is proud to present to you D-Park Pro v2.0 which has recently been released.

Demo #1, parked with D-Park Pro: Made Deal
Demo #2, parked with D-Park Pro: Sponsored Tweets
Demo #3, parked with D-Park Pro: D-Park
Some of the features include:

  • Easy 5 minute installation
    Add Domains in Bulk by uploading a .txt file.
    3 Template types with many themes for each
    Ability to put eBay ads, Amazon ads, Google Adsense and ANY other ad network (i.e. Commission Junction and Clickbank and more)
    Ability to put domains into custom groups
    'Drag n Drop' Page Creator
    Image Management
    Quick Setup Wizard
    Ability to apply settings to all domains and/or groups at once
    Ability to select groups/domains to apply settings to simultaneously
    Professional Domain Parking
    FREE LIFETIME Frequent Updates
    Manage all your domains from one hosting account (even shared)
    Earn cash from your domain names and KEEP 100% OF IT (no sharing)
    Feature packed Domain Parking Script
    Unlimited Site License with D-Park Pro Platinum
    All Pages Fully Indexed By Google, Yahoo and Bing
    Top Search Engine Rankings
    Domain Parking Company Module: add sub-users and control exactly which domains and groups they have access to.
    Open Source Code with D-Park Pro Platinum (modify it as you like)
    FREE Bonus Package Of Over 100 Scripts ($150 value)
    FREE Bonus Expired Domain Finder Software, made by DomainZaar.com ($50 value)
    FREE cPanel bulk park script ($50 value)

    Crazy Discount. Limited Time Offer – 50% off for the next 12 hours

Click here to get 50% discount for the next 12 hours only.
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