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Hi to all,

I found 2 domain names with .us extensions. Both domains are consisted of 2 words. They are a bit long but meaningful expressions in English. Below you can find google adwords information and estibot evaluation to give you an idea about these domains. Adwords info is for English and USA. Nowadays we can register .us domains 4.99 USD at godaddy. I just think to register and make a quick sale. Do you think these domains are worth to register or not?


Thank you.


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No I am from Turkey, but as I know you do not have to be a US resident to purchase us extension. Because I have different us extension domains before.


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Well as far as I know there are restrictions on .us domains as listed below, if you fit in the categories listed - good for you!!!

Are there any restrictions for registering a .US domain?

As with most ccTLD's there are some restrictions for registering a .US domain. You must be a US citizen, a permanent United States resident, or a US entity such as organizations and corporations. Additionally, any business or corporation with a bona fide presence in the USA may register.


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If you can find your way around the resident aspect, as far as the stats look I really can't judge the domains. If your main focus is to flip a domain name, you should definitely try registering a .com, as that will be more attractive to your fellow domainers and end-users. Just a bit of advice. :)


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Thanks for your replies.

I have no relation with USA but two years ago I registered a few .us domain names directly from a Turkish registrar with my real address and nobody asked me if I was American :)

So this is the first time that I heard about these restrictions. Anyway may be I should not register them. This is a sign for me :)


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You can't register a domain based on numbers alone. People would need to know the domains to appraise.

.us domains are pretty hard to flip or even sell in a quick period of time. Most of the successful .us domainers are buying at or near registration fee and holding on for years until and enduser approaches.


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Today I registered these domain names without any problem of being an US resident. Let's see if there will be in the future :)

First one is ElectronicSignature(.)us and the second one is AircraftMaintenance(.)us

Please appraise again now.


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Hello pn21,

IMHO, if you don't meet the .US requirements, it's risky to register such domains. Didn't the owner of Vodka.us get his domain taken away because he didn't have the necessary connection to the United States?


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Hello pn21,

IMHO, if you don't meet the .US requirements, it's risky to register such domains. Didn't the owner of Vodka.us get his domain taken away because he didn't have the necessary connection to the United States?
Then my 9.98 USD, which I paid for both domains in total, will fly away :) Anyway I will take this risk, maybe godaddy refund my money.

But if anyone gives me an appraisal for these domains, I will be really happy. I think they are good. In your appraisal, be realistic but do not be cruel.


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In this whole discussion all of us are forgetting that this forum is for Indian Names only. So ......

With respect, it's not that people are forgetting that INForum specialises in Indian Domain Names. People who invest in Indian domains also invest in other domain extensions....and that's okay. ;)
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