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;) Does it sometimes feel like you have to be wonder woman or super man to succeed in this hectic world? Or perhaps it feels like you have to be super domainer to find end users for some of your domains?!

Via MediaNama I read about India Today's recent launch of the website WonderWoman.in. Although the url being promoted is "WonderWoman.in" it actually redirects to wonderwoman.intoday.in/wonderwoman. The website's tag line seems to be "Who are you today?" - categories include mother, domestic goddess, career woman, fashionista, lover, bride-to-be and just a gal.

It's interesting to note that India Today just registered the .in (the .co.in is unregistered at time of writing this post).

So, who are you today? Super hero? Super domainer? Joe Bloggs? Today, I'm just plain old me. :D


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Nice find!

I don't like the domain though. I would think that if a smaller company used the domain, they'd find themselves on the receiving end of an INDRP.


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Yes, you're right about there being potential trademark issues with the domain and that India Today will probably get away with it because it's a big company! I found one NAF decision where the respondent lost WonderWomanStore.com but that involved a blatant bad faith registration.


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