With Altcoins Diving, Bitcoin Helps Crypto Market Sustain $200 Bln Cap



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The last few days have been adventurous for the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin price reached up towards $7,500, while almost $10 bln worth of trading was accounted for, more so, the market cap of the cryptocurrency world reached a record $200 bln.

However, since those momentous numbers were hit a few days back, more interesting happenings have occurred. There has been a slip back on a lot of the altcoins, while Bitcoin has remained steady, but even with that altcoin dive, the market has maintained over $200 bln.

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The usual volatility that dogs the cryptocurrency world has sunk its claws deep into the altcoin market, all the while Bitcoin has remained relatively stable, as well as managed to help pick up the slack.

On Nov. 2, seven of the top 10 Cryptocurrencies took a massive dip while Bitcoin only continued its upward trend. The ones that didn't dip include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic.

During that time, Bitcoin’s sway of the market reached $125 bln of the $200 bln, and it was this more than 60 percent hold of the market that managed to keep the cryptocurrency ecosystem above $200 bln.



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