With 64,000 .dev registrations in just one day, is Google's involvement a death knell for .COMs!!

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According to industry news website, DomainNameWire.com, Google’s launch of “.dev” domain names is off to a prosperous start with the zone file representing over 64,000 registrations just one day after it entered general availability. That’s amazing even for a bearish believer of nGTLDs.

I guess it is only a matter of time until more and more people begin accepting the fact that all of the good .com domain names are long gone, and there are these new sort of odd alternative dot names that people will just have to settle for. It’s still pretty unfortunate to have to resort to a secondary pick – alternative domain name, but it will happen eventually, it’s just going to take a really long time for it to become accepted, and maybe never “as good” but people will use them because they are there, and they will begin to notice other people using them.



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