Will .WEB be the best selling new gTLD?


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I am curious if you think .Web will ultimately become the best selling new gTLD extension. At the present time, there are more .XYZ domain names than any other new gTLD extension with about 6.4 million registered domain names. The .XYZ registry achieved this number over two years by offering many inexpensive (or free) domain names. Many people seem to think .Web is the best of the new extensions, and I would be interested in knowing if readers believe .Web will surpass other extensions.

In addition to the new extensions that are currently available for sale, other extensions that are coming on the market in the near future could also be competitive. I think .Blog is bound to be successful with the backing of WordPress, and .Shop may also prove to be a big seller.

In the next few years, do you think .Web is going to surpass other new extensions?


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I agree that .web will be a popular new tld. It should present domainers with a viable choice instead of .com which currently dominates.

The verdict is still out on .xyz which has also been successful thanks to having a big name like Google behind it.

Since .web also has big name supporting it, it should go viral.

I also like .shop, and .blog.


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